Welcome to WUSV Global Dog Lerma 2021, an event that includes the WUSV IGP World Championship, the WUSV Universal World Championship and the Reall CEPPA Siegerschau.
The Real CEPPA organization is at your disposal for any help you may need, our goal is to make you feel at home.
You can direct any questions or requests to any of the people listed below, by clicking on the image.
Welcome to Lerma, welcome to Spain!

Calle Pajaritos, 12. Piso 4 – Oficina 3
28007 – Madrid

Tel: +(34) 91 4298049




Asociación de criadores de perro de pastor alemán, oficialmente reconocida por el Estado español, y miembro de la Unión Mundial del Clubes del perro de pastor alemán (WUSV).